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Teaching staff

The teaching staff of TEG The Hague consists of qualified Greek teachers with many years of experience. Most of our teachers are on secondment for a certain period of time, as determined by a relevant legislative regulation of the Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs of Greece.

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Kyparissia Lytridou

Responsible Teacher

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Maria Rallis



Giota Karampini



Markella van de Graaf


Mrs. Kyparissia is a teacher, who graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has been appointed since 2007 and has many years of experience in teaching Greek as a second/foreign language. She wants children to love the Greek school and her priority is to create playful educational activities aimed at learning Greek and maintaining contact with Greek culture, customs and traditions. She seeks individualized instruction as much as possible within the classroom and believes that the school should contribute to the all-round development of each child. She has two children who attend T.E.G. Hague. Her favourite children's book is << The little rack of words>>. She enjoys traveling, cooking, photography and museums. Her favourite phrase is << Reach where you can't>>.

Maria is a teacher with long experience in schools in Greece and since 2016 she has been teaching at the TEG in The Hague. She has two children, who also attend classes at the Greek school. She enjoys spending quality time with friends and getting to know new places. She loves old Greek cinema, Greek traditional dances and for the last two years she has been trying to learn Argentine tango. Her favorite book is "The Seagull Jonathan Livingston" and she has the quote "Be who you are" as her life guide.

A teacher with extensive experience in high schools in Athens. Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Athens, with a Master's degree in Applied Pedagogy and a PhD in Children's Literature.
I am on secondment in The Hague, The Netherlands, at the TEG The Hague from September 2023. My desire, purpose and dream in this new educational experience that is opening up to me is to empower Greek children who live abroad to connect both linguistically and culturally in Greek language, history and culture and thus complete the formation of their particular identity. I enjoy teaching, learning foreign languages, travelling, getting to know other countries, cultures and people, I am interested in History, and I am moved by the Arts especially Literature.

Graduate of the Law School of the University of Athens, specializing in international relations and human rights. Since my student years I started the course of teaching Greek language to foreign students in Greece and then in Denmark and the Netherlands I continued to teach in institutes, Open Universities, and associations. For 22 years I have been teaching Greek to Greek students at the American School in The Hague. For the last three years I have also been teaching at the TEG in The Hague.
Alongside teaching, I have been actively involved in human rights, women's movements and trade unions.
I write fairy tales and stories, I am involved in my vegetable garden, my stamp collection, and reading.


Filothei Kidoniati


Irini Tzani 

Kindergarten teacher

Αναστασία Κόκαλα

Graduate student of Parenting and Child Development (LU) and graduate of the Department of Special Education of the University of Thessaly and the seminar of Intercultural Education of the University of Thessaly. 

During my studies, I had the opportunity to participate in several volunteer projects with children with disabilities and/or learning difficulties. My participation in these projects motivated me to get involved in creating equal educational opportunities for all children without discrimination. Through TEG The Hague, I am given the opportunity to contribute to providing equal opportunities for children growing up outside of Greece to learn the Greek language as their mother tongue and to come into contact with Greek culture.

Kindergarten teacher, specialised in special education and learning difficulties, with long experience in Greek schools. She has been appointed since 2004. Seconded to the Netherlands since 2020, to the schools in Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam. The aim of her pedagogical work is to bring the expatriate children in contact with the Greek language and culture through their active participation in creative activities and games, respecting always the personal development  as well as the particularities and cultural identity of each individual child.

He comes from Serres and studied at the Democritus University of Alexandroupolis. 

She loves every minute with the kindergarten children and in each lesson she participates in the creativity and joy in the classroom. She tries to listen to the children's needs and interests in order to find activities that will spark their interest and make learning really fun.

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