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Admission Documents

To register, you will need the following documentation.

  1. child's birth certificate (only for new registrations)

  2. anual subscription.

Subscription per family 


The general assembly of the PTA set the annual fee for the school year 2023-2024 at 260€ per family.

Economically weak families (Oievaarspas* or similar card holders) are entitled to a reduction or even exemption from the fee. These families are kindly requested to contact the PTA at

Adult students (adult classes) are required to pay a fee to the school's Parents and Guardians association for their lessons. This will amount to 80€ for the first course and 60€ for each subsequent term (if there is re-registration). In the case of parents of already enrolled students, the fee will be 30€.


The subscription is paid immediately upon registration.

Registration procedure

Registration starts on 1 June and the deadline is 30 September of each school year. 

  • To register a new student please use the Classter registration portal below.

  • To reregister, enter the existing parent portal and renew the registration of each student separately.

If you have technical problems during registration, please contact the PGA at

For any questions regarding the class to be registered or any other question related to the educational process, please contact the teacher in charge of the school at

* The PTA does not formally participate in the Oievaarspas programme of The Hague Municipality and does not receive any compensation from the Municipality for this.

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