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The establishment...

The Hague Department of Greek Language & Culture has been operating since 1981 as an educational structure recognized by the Greek state. It falls under the Brussels Education Coordination Office. Together with the other Greek schools in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam) it is the only educational structure where, in line with the relevant legislation (4415/2016), teaching is carried out by teachers seconded from Greece, with long experience in teaching the Greek language. The Greek Ministry of Education detaches teachers for all levels (pre-school, primary and secondary education), so the teachers of the school offer qualified educational work that meets the needs of students at all language levels.

The Hague Department of Greek Language & Culture is a non-formal education facility, which operates on Wednesday and Friday afternoons and on Saturday mornings. We mainly address students of Greek origin who attend the compulsory programme in the Netherlands' state or private morning schools. More information about education in the Netherlands (especially if you have school-age children who do not speak Dutch) can be found on this page. Also useful (for teenagers and adults) is the page with information mapping Greek to Dutch education levels.


...and our goal!

Over the years, The Hague Department of Greek Language & Culture has achieved significant success in the examinations for the State Certificate of Attainment in Greek. These examinations are under the jurisdiction of the Centre for the Greek Language and, which are held once a year at the University of Amsterdam. More information about the Certificate of Attainment in Greek can be found on the website of the Centre for the Greek Language (CGL). 

Apart from teaching the Greek language, the school is a community that brings together Greek parents and students of the area as well as those interested in the Greek language and culture. Throughout the year, the school organizes cultural activities for children and adults with great participation.

The Greek school is housed in the OBS Benoordenhout building, at Dreibholtzstraat 2, 2596 XG Den Haag. It is easily accessible either by public transport or by car. Parking is easy in the area as it is not very busy. Parking is free on Saturdays.

On Wednesdays and Fridays, controlled parking is available on the school's driveway. However, from 17:00, parking is free. Stopping and parking on the school's exit road (Dreibholtzstraat) on Wassenaarseweg is prohibited.

Please do not pull up park or park illegally. 

The school is run by the Parents and Guardians Association (Board).

The teacher in charge is Ms Dimitra Kalyvianaki.

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