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School year programme

The school timetable and the holidays calendar are set by the Brussels coordinating office and follow the timetable of the Dutch schools in the region.


The Teachers' Association informs you of the following:


  • Our aim is to have as homogeneous a distribution of students as possible according to educational needs and level of Greek language acquisition, therefore the number of children per class will be up to 12 (±2).

  •    Students who are to be enrolled in a1 class must meet the following requirements:

  1. have turned 6 by the end of 2024 (i.e. children born in 2018 and before are enrolled).

  2. be enrolled in the corresponding a1 class of the Dutch school (group 3) or any other school they attend for their basic education. To better prepare children, it is recommended that they have attended an infant class first..

  • Accordingly, children born in the years 2019 and 2020 can enroll in kindergarten.

  • New starters corresponding to Β2 level, before enrolling, please contact the school's head teacher at: . 

  • A diagnostic test will be carried out to place new students in the appropriate group, after consultation with the teachers.

Vacations & Bank Holidays


Holidays are set by the Brussels Coordination Office.

28 Οκτ - 03 Νοεμ 2024, Fall break (Herfstvak)
23 Δεκ 2024 - 05 Ιαν 2025, Christmas(Kerstvak)
24 Φεβ - 02 Μαρ 2025, Spring (Voorjaarsvak)
18 Απρ - 21 Απρ 2025, Easter NL (Pasen NL)
21 Απρ - 04 Μαϊ 2025 Spring break (Meivakantie)
26 Απρ 2025,  Kings day (Koningsdag)
05 Μαϊ 2025, Liberation Day (Bevrijdingsdag)
29 Μαΐ 2025, Ascension Day (Hemelvaartsdag)
08 - 09 Ιουν 2025, Pentecost (Pinksteren)

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