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Online Greek Language Courses for adults (3rd part)

The 3rd part of Greek language courses for adults begins on June 2nd:

Level: Α1.3


Communicational functions

  • Purchases (clothes, shoes, appliances)

  • Colours

  • Revision


  • Passive voice verbs ending in -ομαι (έρχομαι, χρειάζομαι, βρίσκομαι)

  • Personal Pronoun (genitive)

  • Adjectives ending in -ος/-η/-ο & -ος/-α/-ο (singular and plural)

  • Adjective - noun agreement

  • Pronouns (αυτός, εκείνος, κανένας)

Duration: 5 lessons (2/6, 9/6, 16/6, 23/6, 30/6)

Day: Thursday

Time: 18:30- 20:00

Number of students: max. 8

Teacher: Maria Ralli

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