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Flute lessons

Αγαπητοί γονείς,

After the break due to the pandemic, our school's music lessons will resume. The aim is to create a mini-orchestra with flutes to accompany the school's celebrations.

The children will be introduced to the world of music, music theory yet through practice, with an instrument that is easy to use from a very young age. They will learn to read notes, use their voice and ear, work within a musical ensemble as a group and learn a range of Greek and non-Greek songs.

Classes will take place at the school on Wednesday afternoons. The price for the group lessons will be from 5 to 15 euros maximum, depending on the number of participants.

In addition to the recorder orchestra, Mr. Athanasopoulos also teaches saxophone and clarinet for anyone who may be interested in private lessons.

A few words about the teacher:

Thanos Athanasopoulos studied jazz saxophone at the Royal Academy of The Hague Koninklijke Conservatorium where he graduated in 2006 with a bachelor and in 2008 with a masters diploma. Since then he has been living and working in The Hague, teaching at the American school of the Hague, the Dordtse muziekschool, as well as private lessons. He has conducted children's orchestras, jazz big bands, and has given workshops and masterclasses, in music schools and universities in Greece, Spain, France and of course the Netherlands. As a musician he has three personal albums of his own compositions with the Athanasopoulos/Pin quartet and participation in several others. He has also written a book of short stories published in 2008.

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